Banaue tourist and travel guide

People come to Banaue for one reason only. The rice terraces which surround the town for miles are often described as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ and it is difficult to find any fault with that pronouncement. Built by the Ifugao tribe up to 3,000 years ago, these staggered paddy fields are a tremendous feat of ancient engineering built using basic hand tools.

The town of Banaue itself is a ramshackle but charming rural outpost, with a smattering of hotels and curios shops and a large market at its core. There is not much to see around town other than a couple of museums and some night time cultural shows, and so most visitors suffice with just a night or two here before moving on to different climbs.

Attractions & activities

Banaue is famous for the breathtaking rice terraces that surround the town on all sides, but there are also fascinating museums in the town and great trekking opportunities too...more

Restaurants & bars

Banaue is a small town which is unused to lage numbers of Western tourists. Nonetheless, there are a few decent dining options including cultural shows with Ifugao dancing...more

Hotels & lodging

There are a few hotels in Banaue which offer guests a comfortable stay and great value. There are also opportunities to stay at authentic tribal villages in traditional huts...more


Getting to Banaue is relatively simple as there are direct daily buses from Manila which take around nine hours. Jeepneys wait by the market while tricycles ferry tourists to viewpoints...more

Banaue guide - rice terraces and mountainside treks

Internet cafés can be found all over the town and charge from around Php50 per hour. The main market square also acts as a de facto bus station where jeepneys all hang around before setting off for Bontoc or Baguio.

Trekking is popular in the surrounding countryside and guides can be arranged at the Tourist Information Office next to the Town Hall. These trips can be half-day or longer and take in Ifugao tribal villages and other popular spots (villagers normally ask for a small donation to take their photos in native garb).

A 15kms trek from Banaue is the village of Batad which possesses even more isolated but gorgeous views of the terraces. Jeepneys run hourly from 13:00 to Batad Junction (Php60) from where the village is a further three kilometres up a steep trail. It lies in a glorious natural amphitheatre where life hasn't changed for centuries. At the top is the 23m high Tappia Waterfall, which boasts a cool pool for swimming and is the perfect respite after the arduous hike.

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