Palawan tourist and travel guide

Palawan is actually made up of well over 1,000 different islands and is the second largest province in the Philippines. Known throughout the country for its spectacular biodiversity, Palawan has abundant rainforests, mountains shrouded in mist, miles of deserted coral fringed beaches and the world's longest underground river.

Travel can be arduous away from its plush beach resorts but only adds to the pleasure of exploring this pristine wilderness. It is a real haven for nature lovers with varied flora and fauna including dozens of exotic endemic species.

Hotels & resorts

From rustic beachfront nipi huts to city apartments and super luxury island resorts, Palawan boasts a fine range of accommodation options for every possible traveller's budget...more


Spectacular natural scenery abounds in Palawan and is a haven for nature lovers with a sense of adventure and fun. Explore a famed crocodile farm, isolated hilltribes and prehistoric caves...more


Whether you are young at heart or a confirmed adrenaline junkie, Palawan is a dream destination for adventure seekers. Explore Asia's finest coral reefs or try water sports...more

Nightlife & bars

Palawan is not known for it's cosmopolitan nightlife scene, but those irrepressible Filipinos always know how to have a fun time with beach bars offering live bands and good cheer...more


Foodies will be absolutely spoilt for choice in Palawan with all the bounty of the ocean prepared fresh on beach barbecues plus plenty of grilled meat and tasty veggie dishes too...more


Getting around Palawan is always a real adventure. Hop on a atmospheric jeepney and explore timeless traditional communities, or spend an idyllic day island hopping by fishing boat...more

Palawan guide - Asia's last frontier for adventure travel

Palawan and its surrounding islets offer a host of natural attractions, but the main draw is as a world class scuba diving destination which so enchanted Jacques Cousteau. Challenging shipwrecks and gently sloping coral gardens provide a rewarding experience for all levels.

The sheer beauty of its tropical coastline is hard to beat with sublime powdery white sandy beaches found throughout the coastline, often rubbing shoulders with dramatic limestone cliffs and mangrove forests.

Palawan pretty much offers it all whether you crave a rustic back to basics holiday or a no expense spared luxury beach resort. Despite its continuing popularity, there are huge swathes of territory that see very few adventurous travellers and many traditional tribal communities can be found dotted about the province that have changed little in generations. Palawan definitely deserves exploring in detail and its famously infectious laidback atmosphere makes it incredibly hard for visitors to leave.

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