Philippines shopping guide

The people of the Philippines love to shop, and a large number of modern malls have sprung up in recent years. All of the country’s major cities such as Manila, Cebu and Bacolod are blessed with a good range of malls, which are among the largest in the whole world. These typically feature amenities such as countless retail outlets plus restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment options.

However, the country’s traditional markets are still alive and well in the Philippines, and these are great places to browse for bargains and shop for a wide range of locally created handicrafts. Certain destinations in the Philippines are famed for producing particular products, while there are also a large number of unique handicrafts villages to explore.


Traditional handicrafts such as woodcarvings and woven items make excellent souvenirs and can be purchased from a wide range of markets as well as craft villages...more

Pearls & jewellery

The Philippines is famed for its high quality pearls, which are often fashioned into jewellery, while the city of Baguio is reputed to offer the best silver jewellery in the country...more


The Philippines has long been used as a trade route by the Chinese and Europeans, and rare artefacts can be found in the antique shops of Makati and Ermita, while Vigan is known for curios...more

Shopping A-Z

General guide to shopping in the Philippines including what local handicrafts to seek our in each if the regions and how to know that you are paying a sensible price for goods here...more

Philippines shopping guide - malls, markets and bargains

Shopping is a popular pastime with both the people of the Philippines and visitors, and there is certainly no shortage of goods available here including pearls, antiques and electronics.

While those who like to shop until they drop will be able to spend the entire day browsing for bargains in air-conditioned shopping malls, tourists who are looking for something a little bit unusual can take daytrips to the crafts villages that are situated on the outskirts of major cities such as Cebu and Manila.

The highest concentration of malls can be found in Manila, where there are dozens of major shopping centres to be found. There are also shopping malls located in most other major towns and cities in the Philippines. The flea markets of the Philippines are great places to bag a bargain or two, while there are plenty of deals to be had at traditional crafts markets and fresh produce markets, which can be found all over the country.

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