Living in Philippines and expats

Living on a Philippines beach is like paradise

Living on a Philippines beach is like paradise

Whether you are ready to retire or just want to take a long break from normal life in your own country, the Philippines is a good place to start a new pace of living. A good proportion of travellers who go to the country for long holidays end up living here after spending a year or two immersing themselves in legendary Filipino hospitality.

A growing number of working expats – mostly call center and financial service company executives – end up living in key cities of commerce like Metro Manila and Cebu, and retirees usually find themselves in well developed beach communities in the Visayas such as legendary Boracay or diving resorts such as Bohol.

If you come to Manila without any job prospects and intend to work here, you probably can’t.

There are hardly any impromptu job opportunities for foreigners here, unlike in other cities like Bangkok where almost any English-speaking foreigner can become an English teacher.

But the Philippines has plenty to offer people who have to make it their home, as well as travellers just trying to make the most of their holiday.

Here are some great points that make the Philippines a great place for expats.

The Philippines is a world in itself

Feast on local specialities every day

Feast on local specialities every day

With its more than 7,000 islands, several urban centres and thousands of unique tourist attractions, the Philippines won’t run out of things to offer you. Since everyone speaks English, you won’t have a hard time finding your way, understanding documents (also written in English) and making new friends.

Many expatriates in the Philippines say that one of the best reasons for staying in the country - aside from its natural charms - is its people, who are often described as being among the nicest and most respectful in the world. Filipinos are especially known for their hospitality and cheerfulness – two characteristics that make them one of the happiest people in the world despite the depressed state of politics and economy. Many single expats even find love here.

Low Philippines living costs

Struck by numerous financial crises over the past years, the Philippine peso has significantly decreased in value, affecting the country's economy. Perhaps the only good thing about this is that a depreciated Peso makes the cost of living in the country far cheaper than in the first worlds. Housing costs can be significantly low, as well as rental rates for apartments and condominiums, which are abundant in most downtown areas of the cities. Seniors with low pensions in their own countries can live in the Philippines very comfortably.

Acquiring properties for Philippines living

Buying property and setting up business can be a headache for non-Filipinos. Expatriates may have to acquire citizenship or marry a Filipino citizen to be eligible to own land in the country. It is possible, however, to buy condos—you'll need to consult the developer of the condominium project before you buy as the law imposes percentage-interest restrictions. More on property in Manila.

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