Visas for Philippines

Visa waivers can be issued inside the country

Visa waivers can be issued inside the country

People who are wishing to travel to the Philippines either to explore this richly diverse country or work will probably need a visa. However, there is a wide range of different types of Philippines visas available, and it is a good idea to find out about the various rules and regulations in advance to ensure that you apply for the visa that best suits your needs and avoid problems later.

Types of Philippines visas

Non-Immigrants in the Philippines

Non-Immigrants are people who wish to stay in the Philippines to work or study for a few months of years and include people who have been made a job offer and those who wish to set up a business there.

Tourist Visas in the Philippines
While tourists are permitted to explore the Philippines for 21 days without a visit, those who wish to remain here longer can apply in advance for a 59-day tourist visa. This application can be made at any Philippine Consular Office, while it is also possible to extend the complimentary 21-day visa to 59 days while in the Philippines.

Pre-arranged Employment Visa

Anyone who wishes to work in the Philippines will need to apply for this type of visa, which can be obtained with an endorsement from the applicant’s employer.

Treaty traders/Investors Visa

Foreigners who wish to conduct trade and commerce between the Philippines and their own country will need to apply for this type of visa.

Student Visa
People over the age of 15 years can apply to study in the Philippines at some form of higher education facility such as a college or university, provided that they have enough funds to pay for their course and support themselves during their stay.

Seaman Visa

A seaman who is working in a vessel due to arrive in one of the ports in the Philippines will need to apply for this type of visa if they plan to stay their in order to work for a short time.

Extension of Non-Immigrant Visas in the Philippines

All visa extension applications must be submitted to the Bureau of Immigration, and several offices can be found around the country. Before arriving, it is important to figure out which form you need, as there are several types to choose from.

For example, the BI form RBR 98-02 is intended for anyone who has entered the Philippines without a visa and wishes to extend their stay to 59 days or those with Balikbayan status who wish to remain here for more than a year.

Immigrants in the Philippines

An immigrant is a person who wishes to remain in the Philippines permanently while retaining their original citizenship, and only people from certain nations are awarded immigrant status in the Philippines.

Non-Quota Immigrant Visa

This type of visa is usually applied for by people who wish to stay in the Philippines permanently for reasons such as marriage, or as a returning resident.

Balikbayan Status

Valid for up to one year, this special type of visa is available for anyone who used to be a citizen of the Philippines and is returning.

Special Investors Resident Visa

People aged 21 years or over can apply for this type of visa, provided they show proof that they wish to invest in tourist related projects or valid economic activities.

This is available for those who are not younger than 21 years and who have the intention of investing in some valid economic activities, establishments, and tourist-related projects.

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