Angeles restaurants and dining

Know as the ‘culinary centre of the Philippines’, Angeles City restaurants offer an unbeatable range of varied cuisines using top notch local ingredients at low prices. This reputation for gastronomic excellence goes back to Spanish colonial times when Kapampangan cooks improvised on Spanish delicacies using regional produce and often bettered the original.

A must-eat dish in Angeles restaurants is sisig, which was apparently invented in the city by acclaimed local chef Aling Lucing. Pig heads were cheap in the area as they were discarded by chefs at Clark Airforce Base, so off-cuts from the ears and cheek were fried up with onions to make sisig. And it’s become a Filipino favourite with countless fast food counters and Angeles restaurants serving the dish.

Kare-kare is another must-try Kapampangan dish which is a local stew of peanut sauce with vegetables, stewed beef, oxtail and sometimes tripe or offal or tripe. Lumpiaadobong pugotilapia in tausi sauce, morcon and tortang bangus (milkfish stuffed with minced pork) are also popular. Balut is another gruesome Filipino delicacy which can be bought on the street in Fields Avenue. It is a fertilised duck egg which has been boiled and diners can often feel the tiny beak and feathers of the embryo tickle their throat as it is swallowed.

Camaru (fried cricket adobo), a local versions of Spanish paella called bringhe and bulanglang (sour meat broth with guava fruit) are also popular. But if all these local dishes are not appealing then fear not, there are also Angeles City restaurants which serve up international fare such as authentic Italian pizza, tender steaks, vibrant Chinese and spicy Mexican food as well.

Recommended Angeles City restaurants and dining

Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant
Fantastic Cantonese restaurant in Angeles City with great seafood and meat dishes. The minced beef soup with egg is hearty while lumpia Chinese rolls offers a new take on the famous Filipino dish. Lapu-lapu fish with blackbean sauce is delicious while there are fresh crab, king prawn and lobster on the menu.

Maranao Grill
This is one of the most famous restaurants in Angeles City with houses specials such as prime rib, roast beef and Japanese-inspired starters including sushi and tempura keeping customers coming back for more. A top choice for fine dining in Angeles. (website:

Salvatores Ristorante
Superlative Italian restaurant in Angeles City offers up great takes on Italian classics including Mussels Alla Salvatore, Gamber Al Capone, Filleto Di Dorado Fritto, Scallopine Al Limone, Cotoletta in Salsa Di Funghi Petti Di Pollo Alla Parmigiana. For the less adventurous there is a range of subs, sandwiches and pastas. (website: 

Mother’s Cakehouse & Restaurant
One of the original bakeries in Angeles City which is famous for traditional and personalized cakes. But there are many delicious savoury dishes also on the menu incuding baked macaroni, spareribs and salisbury steak. (1982 Marlim Ave, (near Casino Filipino-2 kms away from Clarkfield), tel: +63 45 625 7593). 

Tequila Reef Cantina
Tex-Mex favourites are produced with aplomb at this favourite amongst Angeles restaurants with specialities including barbecue ribs, chicken and cajun dishes. (website:

Angeles Fried Chicken
Acclaimed to be the oldest Angeles City restaurants which is renowned juicy, crispy chicken served with coleslaw and delicious gravy. Highly recommended dishes include king prawn, sisig,japanese fried chicken, calamares, pancit canton, clubhouse sandwich, bihon and their trademark Iced Tea. (website:

Rodizio Restaurant
This Brazilan restaurant in Angeles specialises in grilled meat and offal all marinated in a special concoction of authentic Portuguese herbs and spices. A great spot for carnivores to indulge themselves with a caipirinha or two plus the desert selection including from chocolate fondue and crème brulee is to die for.

Zapata’s Authentic Mexican Food 
One of the best Mexican restaurants in Angeles City with timeless favourites including stewed pork burrito and saucy enchiladas plus some modern takes on steak and ribs as well. The bar knocks up a mean margarita as well. (website: