Camiguin tourist attractions and activities

Sunken Cemetery

Despite its tiny proportions Camiguin has lots going for it, whether you crave a few relaxing days of doing nothing on pristine tropical beaches or a nonstop week of adventurous sports. The island itself is ruggedly beautiful and dotted with awesome volcanic peaks producing several steamy hot springs and cascading waterfalls.

Diverse flora and fauna and challenging trekking make it a dream destination for nature buffs, but there is also a wealth of interesting history to discover too. Camiguingons are deeply religious people and have some mightily impressive churches, many dating back to the late Spanish colonial era.

The coastline is surrounded by sublime white sand beaches and enticing waters providing first class diving, snorkelling and water sports for all ages. There is a handful of impressive beach resorts offering a host of fun activities right on the doorstep, or perhaps spend a day island hopping in the Bohol Sea to picturesque White Island and a day of big game fishing.

Get off the beaten path and discover traditional village life where religious adherence is strong and island wide festivities are endearing and exuberant. Many communities are famed for a history of art and craftsmanship and you can be sure to come across a fantastic range of gift ideas and unique souvenirs.

Sunken Cemetery of Camiguin

Camiguin’s top tourist attraction is an eerily beautiful graveyard which was submerged under the sea during a volcanic eruption in the 19th century. Lying just below the water line, a large commemorative cross marks the sight and can be explored in detail by experienced scuba divers. Barangay Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin Island.

Hot springs in Camiguin

Camiguin is a relaxing place and no less rejuvenating for its multitude of hot volcanic springs. A whole health and wellness industry has sprung up on the island catering to visitors in its natural al fresco spas. Revitalise sun damaged skin at Ardent Hot Springs at Mount Hibok-Hibok or take a refreshing dip at the Bura Natural Soda Water Swimming Pool. There is even the Tangub Hot Spring at the Sunken Cemetery which can be enjoyed equally for its health benefits or as an adventurous scuba diving site.

Historic Churches in Camiguin

Colonial Spanish history has left a telling legacy of many imposing churches on the island. The partly submerged Old Catarman Church ruins are undoubtedly the most spectacular but also find time to browse around the 19th century Santo Rosario Church in Sagay. The Baylao Church which was miraculously spared during the great eruption of Mount Hibok-Hibok is also a huge draw for the island’s tourists.

Waterfalls in Camiguin

Some of the most popular excursions in Camiguin are day trips to the numerous scenic waterfalls and hot springs. One not to be missed is the memorable Katibawasan Falls, a 80m drop into a crystal clear pool on the slopes of Mount Hibok-Hibok. Unspoilt Tuasan Falls is also a picturesque spot involving a gentle hike through astounding scenery.

Scuba diving in Camiguin

Camiguin is regarded as one of the Philippines premier scuba diving spots and boasts a wealth of pristine coral reefs suitable for all levels. Seasoned divers will find plenty of challenges at Jigdup Wall and Kantaan while nearby Mantigue Island is a great spot to learn the basics.

In addition there are submerged wrecks, caves and the world famous sunken cemetery to explore. Professional dive resorts such as Johnny’s Dive and Camiguin Action Geckos ( provide comfortable beachfront accommodation and a range of PADI dive courses for all.