Philippines tourism facts

A rich and diverse archipelago, the Philippines is one of the fast emerging tourist destinations in Asia. With its wonders spread throughout its islands, the country does not run out of exciting things to offer. Here are some Philippines tourism facts that every visitor should know, and would surely help visitors in choosing which places to explore during their Philippine adventure.

Top Philippines tourism facts

Philippines facts: Despite its rich wonders and diverse attractions, the Philippines still remain an inexpensive destination, offering fairly priced accommodations, food, and transportation. From north to south, the country offers nothing but the finest attractions.

Philippines facts: Philippines has three main island groups, namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. These island groups are great tourist destinations in themselves, starting with the largest group that is Luzon, famous for its natural wonders and impressive mountain ranges such as Cordillera and Sierra Madre, and the perfectly coned Mayon Volcano.

Philippines facts: Luzon is also site for the bustling capital, Manila, which contains the historic core known as Intramuros. The Metropolitan area on the other hand is the main international gateway to the country, as well as the center for the country’s economic, social and cultural life.

Philippines facts: The mid section of the country known as the Visayas, is the seat for the country’s cultural and natural diversity. Some of the best Philippines tourism facts about this part of the country include the historical city of Cebu, which is the country’s cradle of Christianity.

Philippines facts: Cebu is also the oldest city in the country, teeming with ancient and historic structures. The magnificent mounds and land formations in Bohol are also worth mentioning, being among the most spectacular geological wonders of the world.

Philippines facts: Visitors should not miss Boracay Island, which contains the country’s premiere White Beach – voted ‘world’s best beach’ many times over.

Philippines facts: Down south is Mindanao, which is the seat for the Muslim culture in the country. The southern section of the country is also home to the indigenous and most colorful ethnic tribes in the country.

Philippines facts: Davao contains the country’s highest peak that is Mount Apo, fitting as the city has the largest geographical breadth in the world. Areas such as Zamboanga and Sulu are famous for their seafaring communities.