Sagada restaurant and bar guide

The Log Cabin

Sagada restaurants are reasonably priced on the whole and the quality of the food served is pretty good.  A typical breakfast or main course in Sagada restaurants cost from around Php120, but there are local places with food trays put out that are even cheaper.

Although standards of service are not comparable with big cities such as Manila, the low prices, quality local produce and spectacular scenery makes dining in Sagada a very special experience. Many restaurants in Sagada specialise in one particular delicacy – from yogurt to strawberries – and so it is great fun to tour these different establishments and sample their creative takes on everyday ingredients.

Of course, many guesthouses have communal kitchens and so cooking your own meals in Sagada is both a fun and economical option. Browsing the local market for fresh fruit and vegetables is an eye-opening experience with different items on sale depending on the time of year. Oranges are in season from September to May, Blueberries in their prime from April to June, with Strawberries flourishing at the end of the monsoon from October to December. Fans of wild mushrooms will get to pick from a dozen local varieties during the May to July start of the rainy season.

Meat lovers can find famous Filipino pork freshly-butchered in town, plus speciality etag salted and smoked bacon which is fabulous for hearty soups and stews. Ham and chicken are both easy to find, while bakers in town produce fresh loaves every morning.

Recommended Sagada restaurants and cafés

Yoghurt House
This excellent restaurant in Sagada offers a range of yogurt-based dishes and hearty meals including one of the best carbonaras to be found in Luzon. All fresh local produce is used and remember to come early or face a queue in the evening. There are books and pictures charting the history of the town inside.

Log Cabin
Commonly acknowledged to be the best of Sagada’s restaurants and arguably one of the best in the Philippines as well. The buffet on Saturday night should not be missed and must be booked at least one day in advance (Php100 deposit). But for Php350 diners get many delicious courses prepared by the local French chef. A la carte meals are available at other times. A truly memorable Sagada dining experience.

Café Saint Joe
Part of the Saint Joseph Resthouse, this café in Sagada offers freshly-baked bread and generous portion of vegetable dished with a beautiful setting.

Co-op Canteen
This Sagada café serves top notch lemon meringue pie, carrot cake or banana cake plus freshly-brewed coffee at extremely low prices. (Just inside mission gates towards Episcopalian Church).

Strawberry Fast Food
This tiny no-frills Sagada restaurant serves two simple but classic Filipino dishes remarkably well. The breakfast dish of Arozcaldo (chicken and rice stew) and Mami (pork or chicken noodle soup) are both delicious and cost only Php50. (Opposite Log Cabin).

This large restaurant in Sagada is a favourite haunt of holidaying Manilenos and boasts an intriguing collection of old photographs of local tribespeople by the namesake photographer. Sandwiched, pasta and soups are good here but don’t expect speedy service. (Main Street). 

Cuisina Igorota
Tourist hardly even venture here which is a shame as this stark establishment is one of the top Sagada restaurants to offer typical Igorot food. Best at lunchtime, a Php70 meal of pork stew, pork chop, bones soup, sinigang, adobo or chicken is severed with generous portions of local vegetables. (Behind St Theodore’s Hospital).

Sagada bars and nightlife

Do not come to town expecting the nightlife in Sagada to be riotous. The town still has an informal 21:00 curfew imposed so an evening of bar-hopping is definitely off the cards. Most large guesthouses have bars in Sagada and stock up on alcohol, knowing that tourists like a tipple. Otherwise Shamrock is a restaurant-cum-bar which can be an atmospheric place to relax with a beer in the evening.