Philippines shopping guide

Ifugao sculpture

The talented Filipino people are famed for their artizan skills, and unique handicrafts make excellent gifts and souvenirs to take back home. Ranging from hand woven cloth to shoes, bags and belts, there is no end to the list of items that are created here.

Many of the towns and cities are famed for producing special types of handicrafts, and visitors should take the time to visit these shops and factories as they explore the country.

The city of Marikina is known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, and there are a large number of footwear shops to be found here, as well as a museum dedicated to footwear. This is a great place to get shows made to order, while bargain hunters will find some great deals in the city’s markets.

Craftsmen hailing from Baguio are particularly proficient at created traditional handicrafts, and this is a good place to pick up woven items such as wristbandshandbagsslippers and rucksacks. The craftsmen here are also known for their skills at created carved wooden rice god figurines as well as carvings of traditional Ifugo houses and a range of other items.

Items such as brassware and beautifully woven malongs hail from the islands of Mindanao, while extremely details hand-embroidered barongs as well as piña cloth can be found in the province of Batangas.

However, visitors never have to travel far in order to find these goods, as they all make their way to the malls and markets of big cities such as Manila and Cebu eventually. Those who prefer to base themselves in one of these cities will be able to take their pick from the best that the country has to offer, and popular handicraft products among tourists include Philippine baskets made from strong natural fibres, mats and shoes.

The Philippines is famed for its excellent silver jewellery, and those in search of original designs can contact silversmiths directly, while pearls from this part of the world can be handpicked and incorporated into the design of your choice. Gold jewellery is also popular in Manila’s Chinatown district, while many of the country’s tribes create jewellery from beads and natural fibres.

Most tourist destinations in the Philippines will boast a good number of stalls and shops that are dedicated to selling handicraft products. The bartering system is alive and well here, which is a real bonus for those who know how to turn on the charm.

Recommended antiques shops in the Philippines

Lucban Hats & Handicrafts
This large store specializes in handmade hats in various styles such as buri hats and raffia hats as well as a wide range of other handicraft items. (website:

Silahis Arts and Artefacts
One of the most famous handicraft stores in the whole of the Philippines, this outlet can be found in the very heart of old Manila’s Intramuros district and stocks an impressive selection of folk art crafts and textiles. (

Just about every type of handicraft item imaginable can be found in this large Manila store, including mats, Picture frames, tapestries and clothing. The store also offers branches in some of the largest malls in other parts of the country, including Cebu. (